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Kosher, Sushi Bars, Falafel

Price Range : $11-30 ($$)

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Adress: 408 Rt 59, Monsey, NY 10952

Phone: (845) 368-1116

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  • Joe M.

    star star star star star 7 March 2021

    100% good! Blizzard pizza off the charts different. Staff incredible, friendly, and very helpful. If you never tried skip your usual place and stop in here. Nice menu, not to big, not to small. But everything big on taste and quality. This team puts the word Pro in professional! Thanks

  • Hannah J.

    star star star star star 3 March 2021

    Great place with lots of options and the entire staff is so friendly! I never thought a place that made pizza, sushi, AND falafel could make them all so well. My niece gets very excited about coming here for "pizza slices the size of her head". I always need to come here whenever I'm in Rockland!

  • Eli C.

    star star star star star 18 February 2021

    "A slice of pizza should look a certain way. There's a bit of variance for and aft but when you verge too far from the original slice of pizza....well that just ain't pizza anymore."

    Allow me to paint the scene for you: my lovely wife and I were on our way back to her folks after a late-night jaunt to TJ Maxx. Apparently, her sister had tried on a terrific black number that she just HAD to have. As it turned out, their tastes were not completely aligned as we left the store empty-handed and returned to Monsey for a couple of consolation slices.

    We parked in the rear and entered through the service entrance. I love service entrances - I feel a bit like I'm better than everyone else. We saw a bunch of teenagers sitting in their respective "booths", if you can call them as such, which harkened back to high school memories with the wrestling team and girls who wanted to be seen with lettermen (I asked my mother-in-law if I should capitalize lettermen - she said no).

    The line for ordering wasn't as long as my dear wife remembered from her days of yesteryear, and it was our turn after a quick perusing of the shoppe's wares. I went in for a "vegetable" slice and the missus chose a regular cheese slice and a spicy fries. I immediately realized how wrong I was for using such a vague term as "vegetable" and asked the strapping young man for clarification. He told me he rang me up for a blizzard, and that I could change it but he sounded a bit harried in his conveyance. I told him no matter and summarily paid the $11 and change.

    Our pizza was ready in under 3 minutes and my wife, pregnant of 9 months, rose to the occasion and collected our order. After securing our own booth, not unlike the booths occupied by teens the store over, I began chowing down. The dough was a bit soft and so I employed the classic fold-your-slice-in-half technique. Rookie mistake. Obviously, to any innocent bystander, this was my first blizzard slice. Within seconds, oily sauce began pouring forth from every crevice.

    Allow me to explain the blizzard. Take a pie crust, cover it with mozzarella, diced peppers, onions and tomatoes, then top that with their signature house sauces - both sweet and spicy. The sauce overwhelms the slice. I enjoy a neat slice of pizza and I enjoy a true slice of pizza - the blizzard was neither. A slice of pizza should look a certain way. There's a bit of variance for and aft but when you verge too far from the original slice of pizza....well that just ain't pizza anymore.

    I summarily wolfed down my slice, the exact way my mother warned me not to for the first 27 years of my life, then got to work on the fries. The slice tasted fine, but it was a nightmare to consume. The fries were quite tasty, within a standard margin of soggy/crispy variance throughout. The missus finished up and then went to the counter for round two - takeaway for the in laws who were watching kid #1 at their home. I went to wait in the car.

    Within 5 minutes, she shoves her pregnant stomach through the driver's side door (I couldn't locate my license or wallet when we left for TJ Maxx all those hours earlier) with 2 boxes stacked on each other and proceeds to delve into this drawn out story with color photos and diagrams complete with circles and arrows on the back of each one explaining in detail what each one was for illustrative purposes to be used in the event I didn't grasp the gist of the situation.

    As it turned out, the young man behind the counter who, we'll call Elchanan to enhance the review, and also his name was Elchanan, asked my beautiful wife how I enjoyed my slice. True to form, she told him "it's totally fine, but he doesn't enjoy messy slices." Above and beyond the call of duty for such a station, Elchanan showed his true colors and rose to the occasion. The story transmitted to me went something like, "he quickly said, 'I know which slice he wanted!' And then he threw it in for free!"

    There's nothing like free pizza. Especially delicious vegetable pizza. But please, I implore you: don't order the blizzard.

  • Shmuel R.

    star star star star star 14 February 2021

    So I happened to be driving through the area with  my hungry son in the back seat when we saw Pita Land and decided to stop and try their food. It was the perfect pit stop for my hungry boy. I don't care much for pizza but I have to say their pizza is really good. The pizza dough is thick yet very soft and chewy and the pizza has this sort of pleasant sweet taste that is very tasty! You can also build your own falafel sandwich - which I really appreciate because I get to choose exactly how much of which salad to put into my sandwich. Don't you hate it when the guy behind the counter makes your falafel sandwich and puts in something you don't really want or not enough of what you do want...?! Well you won't have that problem here!  The service was also pretty fast and very friendly. Overall I am very glad we stopped here for a quick bite. It hit the spot for my son and I didn't do so bad myself.  The cheese fries isn't anything to write home about but for a kosher pizza shop, who cares? And they have this sort of s'mores pizza slice which I decided to try for no good reason and it was not as good as I thought. My advice, unless you like to eat your four year olds kitchen experiments, I don't recommend ordering that. My seven year old son couldn't find it edible and he will eat anything that has sugar in it. Other than that, the food is great, the service is great, and the location is great too.

  • Paul R.

    star star star star star 11 February 2021

    When fusion happens in cooking and in life it is a beautiful thing! This place has a mixture Jewish, Mediterranean, Italian, and even Asian cuisine (they have sushi sometimes). They also have coffee which is supposed to be excellent.
    One the guys at the counter said the best days to come are Monday and Tuesday. I have noticed the selection of pre made food is higher on those days but coming other days during the week have yielded the same good quality stuff.
    I usually get what is called a blizzard pizza. It is basically a pizza with gyro toppings on it that comes in spicy and non spicy. The spicy one is topped with gyro sauce and peppers. If you are looking for extremely spicy look elsewhere. I like the fact it is only moderately spicy because it would overwhelm all the other flavors if too spicy. The regular one is topped with gyro sauce and french fries and is just as good as it's spicy counterpart.
    French fries by themselves were also notably good as well. They were nice and crispy!
    So I'm giving this place five stars for being consistently good, having an amazing fusion style, and a wide selection of things to choose from.

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